No Refund Policy

Books are made to order, whether it gets through to the prisoner or not, the sale is final.

However, in case of a return or refusal we will make up to two more attempts to get the book redelivered. There should be no reason for a prison or jail to refuse any of our guides. 

The most common reason for a delivery return by the prison mail room is because a prisoner has moved and we were provided with the old address. When we receive a refusal/return we WILL check in the DOC database if the prisoner has moved and if applicable resend the guide to the new address at our expense.

Prison mail rooms do make mistakes  (unfortunately more often than we like!)  and refuse/return orders for no reason. A next attempt is generally delivered without issue. This second attempt is made using the same shipping service and if need be we will mail your guide(s) a third time using a different shipping service.  These additional delivery attempts are made at our expense.

Returned or refused orders are non-refundable.

No refunds or exchanges. You understand that once you make your payment it is non-refundable. 

This No Refund Policy applies to our Prisoner Guides, deposits made to Prisoner Assistance Services accounts, and gift cards.

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