Prison Lives enables inmates to be productive individuals and to make the best use of their time with access to comprehensive information and prisoner resources specific to their unique needs and circumstances.

prisoner resources

Through a suite of expansive publications, Prison Lives supplies the prison population with the most up-to-date, reliable, and complete prisoner-focused knowledge, opportunities, and services available. By providing prisoners with connectivity with the outside world of information, Prison Lives is helping motivated prisoners achieve self-sufficient freedom with a positive focus, despite their circumstances, while effectively working to reduce recidivism rates nationwide.

Our Prison Lives Almanacs cover every topic that effects prisoner's lives. 

For those looking for entertaining ways to spend their time, or to enhance their limited leisure options, our Prisoner Entertainment Guide brings the most useful, seasonally-current prisoner entertainment information available. 

For the prisoner who wants to take the most advantage of their time, to better their lives now and for the future, our Prisoner Education Guide provides all of the tools they need to successfully obtain a formal education, right down to comprehensive information on the upcoming semester's course options. 

For every prisoner, regardless of how they choose to spend their time, our Prisoner Resource Guide supplies an exhaustive collection of every current prisoner-friendly resource available, providing prisoners with more options than they could have ever imagined were available to them in one place. 

If someone you care about is behind bars, we are here to provide the most reliable publications to make their life the best it can be, in spite of their confines, while helping you with an easier way to show them you care. Let our Almanacs be the gift from you that truly keeps on giving.

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