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Prisons are designed to remove a person's freedom, as punishment for committing a crime and to try to prevent them from doing so in the future. The unfortunate side effect is that it also severely restricts their ability to do anything positive while they are serving their time behind bars. 

Access to useful information and support are often the greatest struggles a prisoner faces. Prisoner advocacy, legal help for prisoners, religious information, education behind bars, entertainment... even just finding an address that they need can be a tremendous challenge, despite an entire world of resources available to assist them. 

Prisoners cannot get what they need on their own. They need our help. They need you.

Prison Lives exists to provide a link between the world of outside information and life behind prison walls. By being the most comprehensive place for prisoner resources, all of the things they need most, we make it easier for prisoners to be productive and to spend their long days as beneficially as possible. But just being THE place to go for prisoner resources is not enough. One more link is necessary between this information and the prisoner... which is where you come in.

YOU provide the crucial link between prisoners and the most comprehensive regularly updated collection of prisoner resources out there. We would like nothing more than to freely provide these valuable resources to every prisoner across the nation, but ensuring that our guides contain the most current and useful information is a full-time endeavor in itself. Prisoners need YOU to make sure they have access to it.

what prisoners need

Whether you are a loved one of someone on the inside, an organization that strives to help prisoners be more, an attorney who represents them, or just an interested person who would like to see something positive come from prison lives, you can provide the tools to help prisoners succeed. We can provide you with the easiest methods to do so.

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Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All your donations are tax-deductible.

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