Prisoner Assistance Services       

We have worked with those on the inside for years and know from experience how frustrating it can be for a prisoner to get things done, for even the easiest task, simply because of not having access to the resources on the outside. We also know the importance of high quality work at a reasonable price. 

 Prisoner Virtual Assistant

We provide prisoner assistance services to those on the inside. Our services include internet research, paralegal work, typing, scanning, graphic design, shopping, penpal sign up, book publishing, email, and other custom prisoner assistance services.


Service details and rates

                Services are  ONLY available to account holders.                       Minimum deposit of $100 is required to open an account         

No Monthly Account Fees!


Research, Graphic & Web Design, and any other service not listed below are charged based on the time worked.  

Our rates are as follows:   $30 per hour  |  $25 per hour for 4+ hours (continuous)                        Services used that take less than one hour will be charged at 15 minute intervals of $7.50 each.   

  • Typing (per typed page of 350-400 words) 1-5 pages $7.50 per page, 5+ to 200 pages $5 per page, 200+ pages $4 per page.  Includes proofing and formatting.                             
  • Scanning: $ 0.15 per page up to 500 pages. 500+ pages  $ 0.10 per page. Output PDF.   Printed output additional $0.10 per page.
  • Printing: $0.10 per page 
  • Book publishing of a publish-ready book with cover: $100 (incl. two pass throughs and free ad space for one year). Other Book Publishing Packages available, request a brochure!
  • ISBN:     Assigned to Prison Lives Publishers $50                                                                           Assigned to your own name: $99


Rates do not include postage.


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