Prison Lives - Our Story

Prison Lives began by an observing prisoner sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. Not content to simply clock time, he decided to spend life as productively as he could under the circumstances. But it's those circumstances that provided all of the limitations.

He wanted to start an organization that would bring lasting benefit to people, regardless of whether they were trapped behind bars or free. For years, from his box he sought out the resources he needed to accomplish his mission. "Prisoner Resource Guides," which he thought were designed to bring outside resources in to prisoners to assist in pursuing help from beyond the walls, turned out to be woefully inadequate. Outdated contacts, inaccurate descriptions, and 'Return to Sender' mailings caused enough frustration to discourage even the most ambitious prisoner. It shouldn't have to be that hard, he thought. Fortunately, he was right.

Prison Lives was born to ensure that it no longer has to be that hard for prisoners to be productive. Through collaboration with prisoners who are leading positive lives inside to determine their precise needs and desires, Prison Lives is helping anyone forced to live in a box to see that they are not as limited as it might seem. By exhaustively looking to see what's available for prisoners now and making finding it not only easier, but comprehensive, current, and reliable, and by genuinely believing in a prisoner's abilities if given the right tools, Prison Lives guides and services are proving that the outside world is easily within reach and waiting to be of assistance.

Prison Lives provides the bridge that prisoners need to stay connected with the outside world. We bring the outside world inside.

Prison Lives is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization.  

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