Surviving Jail: A Pocket Guide for Friends & Family (Digital)

Surviving Jail download cover.jpg
Surviving Jail download cover.jpg

Surviving Jail: A Pocket Guide for Friends & Family (Digital)

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Did Your Loved One Just Get Arrested?

Going to jail is scary for both the accused and those who care about them. Even though there are nearly 10 million people arrested each year, most of us have no idea what to expect if it happens to someone in our family.

Surviving County Jail: A Pocket Guide for Friends & Family provides an inside look at "time" in county jail and what you can do about it. Discover answers to the following questions:

  • What happened when my loved one was arrested and booked into jail?
  • How do I communicate with them? Can I call, visit, or send things?
  • What is life like them inside county jail right now? Is it a living hell? Are they in danger?
  • What can I do for them? What should I do?
  • What if they have to go to trial? Should I hire an attorney?
  • What happens when they get out of jail?
  • What should I know about probation, parole, or community service?
  • What if my loved one has to go to prison?

Knowing the answers to these and many other questions included in this vital guide will help you not only understand what your loved one is going though, but will better enable you to help find a positive outcome from this unfortunate time in your lives.

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