Prisoner Entertainment Guide

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Heaps of Fun (4).jpeg

Prisoner Entertainment Guide


Keep your loved one busy for months! 

Prison Lives Prisoner Entertainment guides are 500+ pages each!

  • Spring Season: March/April/May

  • Summer Season: June/July/August

  • Fall Season:  Sept/Oct/Nov

  • Winter Season: Dec/Jan/Feb

THOUSANDS of entertainment listings and resources, including: 

  • comprehensive listings and lineups of the upcoming TV, DVD, and Movie season.

  • EVERY major college and pro sport's team schedule. 

  • Upcoming album and video drop dates.

  • Detailed magazine listings, featuring over 1500 magazines available to prisoners, complete with descriptions and current price comparisons of every major prison magazine distributor. 

  • Book reviews,  FREE books-to-prisoners, and reliable book distributor listings. 

  • Reliable pen pal listings 

  • How-to guides full of creative skills you can learn from your prison cell. 

  • Puzzles, drawing, coloring & other art ideas.

  • Fun facts and other reading materials.

  • Art and writing resources, contests, and opportunities.

  • HUGE shopping guide! and much MUCH more! 

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Published Every 3 Months. 

Prisoner Education Guide Approximate Publication Dates:  

(Use drop-down menu to indicate your choice of season.)
  • Winter Season (Dec/Jan/Feb) November 15, 2016

  • Spring Season (March/April/May) February 15, 2017

  • Summer Season (June/July/August) May 15, 2017 

  • Fall Season (Sept/Oct/Nov) August 15, 2017


Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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