Prisoner Education Guide

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Prisoner Education Guide


500 Pages with THOUSANDS of correspondence education courses for inmates. Many FREE!

All courses included can be taken by mail, no online access needed.

Courses include high school, vocational and college. For GED, please purchase the GED Course Guide also available on our site.

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Prison Education options include HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, VOCATIONAL TRAINING and CERTIFICATION, COLLEGE DEGREES, GRADUATE DEGREES... right from the cell! Right now!

The Prison Lives Almanac: Prisoner Education Guide is the nation's largest prisoner education publication and the only one that is updated annually! 

We regularly scour the world of education to uncover current prisoner-friendly education options.

THOUSANDS of prisoner education opportunities... many FREE!
500 pages!

  • Thousands of courses, perfect for prisoner students

  • Comprehensive course descriptions

  • Current tuition and financing options

  • FREE prisoner education opportunities

Education Behind Bars = Freedom                                                                                       FACT: It has been proven that prisoner education drastically reduces recidivism rates.        

Prisoner Education = Success
FACT: Educated prisoners have the greatest opportunity to make a positive living inside or outside of prison walls.

Education Behind Bars Changes Lives
FACT: Getting an education behind bars gives prisoners a second chance at life, positive direction, and a realistic hope.

For more information about the correlation between prisoner education and recidivism, please click here

Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

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