Prisoners have worth.

As an organization that focuses on prisoners, you likely appreciate that more than most. You provide prisoners with a vital link to something that they need. Likewise, Prison Lives provides a vital bridge to the outside world of resources that can assist prisoners fulfill a variety of needs. 

It is our drive to encourage prisoners to self-sufficiently meet positive goals during their stay in prison. We help them do so through our comprehensive prisoner resource guides and prisoner assistance services. But we also do so by teaming up with positive organizations who likewise see the benefits of assisting prisoners to be productive.

We are currently helping organizations such as yours to assist prisoners in the following ways: 

Cooperative marketing
It is likely that your organization is already listed in our Prison Lives Almanac: Prisoner Resource Guide. But through ad-swap opportunities, we expand your listing, highlight it, and get your feedback on ways that we can increase your exposure to prisoners and others. In exchange, we ask for ad-space in your newsletter or your other publications or web presence to increase ours.

prison lives helps prisoners

If your organization prefers to not take advantage of cooperative marketing, we would still like to be listed in your publications or on your web presence. In exchange, we will help you raise funds through commissions on sales of our publications that are purchased through our ad in your publications. We provide a distinct address in your ad to ensure that we are able to track the customers that found us through your organization.

prison lives discounts

Discounted publications
We are constantly referring prisoners to other organizations that can assist prisoners with specific answers to questions they ask us. Since we are the go-to source for prisoner resources, we encourage other organizations to recommend our products and services to prisoners who seek assistance in finding such comprehensive information. We provide a discount on our publications, either through bulk quantities purchased by your organization, or through referrals of our publications by your organization.

We look forward to working with you to help prisoners find the help they need to be positive and productive.

Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All your donations are tax-deductible.  

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