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Buying a gift for a prisoner can be difficult. There are so few things that a prison will allow you to send your loved one. 

From a prisoner's perspective, the best gift they can receive is one that allows them to be as close to the outside world as possible -- something that gives them access to things that they otherwise are not capable of accessing due to their confines. 
From the perspective of those who care about prisoners, the greatest gift they can send is one that helps their imprisoned loved one make the best possible use of their time -- something that helps them to spend their time in positive pursuits to help ensure that they can have a better chance at success once they get out. 

Through Prison Lives Almanacs and services, you can send your loved one a gift that accomplishes both, right now.

Our Almanacs provide your loved ones with everything they need to successfully accomplish any ambition. Whether they want to gain an education behind bars, even a college degree, if they need help with legal matters, if they want to find reliable assistance with a project, if they are seeking the upcoming sport's or TV schedules, or if they are just looking to find a source for prisoner-friendly services, publications, pen pals, or any other need that would make life easier behind bars, the Prison Lives Almanacs are a cannot-miss gift. (See Almanac descriptions below.)

Our Prisoner Assistance Services provide prisoners with the direct help they need to get things done that they cannot do on their own. This is one of the constant frustrations prisoners face, the inability to self-sufficiently buy a gift, much less do research, publish their book, set up social networking or a website, or any other service they would like to accomplish on their own. Receiving a gift of such services may be a dream come true to your incarcerated loved one. (See Prisoner Assistance Services)

Click on "GUIDES" and choose one of the guides or packages deals to send the gift that keeps on giving to your favorite prisoner today. We'll notify your loved one that their gift is on the way once it has been shipped, as well as any message you would like to include. We'll email you confirmation of the gift sent as well as tracking information so you can know when your gift lands at your loved ones prison. 

gift for prisoner move forward
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