Gun Control: The Answer is here

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Gun Control: The Answer is here. 

I have used firearms to commit violent crimes. 

A month ago, there was a mass shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando, Florida. Even before the events at the crime scene were sorted out, news agencies around the globe were assembling their special guest panels to tell us yet again about the need for gun control. The self-professed 'experts' in the field of public safety all agreed, as do I, as does every right-thinking human being on the planet, that this mass shooting was a "horrible, horrible, horrible tragedy", (as if any of us required a reminder of how to feel.)

Once the 'experts' had dispensed with the 'caring' part of the show, every last one of them did what they always do, they pointed fingers in different directions at who was to blame. 

Can the nation even remember the killers name in this case, or the names of any of the victims? Likely not, but most of us can easily recall the names Winchester, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Beretta, and so on. We remember these names because, before it is all said and done, the bleeding-heart experts (who are all-too-quick to utter our Constitution and our freedoms any time an evildoer captures the spotlight) spends more time blaming the world's gun manufacturers and government officials than they do feeling any real empathy for the victims or their loved ones. 

I think we are all being duped.

We are being treated like sheep. We sit in front of the news and numbly listen as someone again tells us the problem and how to affect change. Only change never comes. We ask and plead and whine to our politicians and law enforcement to do something about the use and proliferation of firemarms and each time another tragic incident occurs with a gun, one that manages to place Donald Trump on page two for the day, we are given another large dose of the same old song and dance by the same old performing 'leaders.'

'Let's make another list!' is always what it seems to amount to.

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One suggestion that is vastly different from what any of these experts is giving us is this: each individual must make a choice to take a stand concerning gun violence in America. If you were to say 'No guns in my house,' and found a neighbor to say the same, then a neighborhood, then a community, a town, city, county, region, state... eventually gun violence would fade. It would likely take a generation or two to ever see any real results, but what is our purpose in life if not to make the future world a better place to live in?? Ultimately, a nearly gun-free society could be created, and all without spending another dime or second on listening to any more political waste-of-breath BS. 

For those who will say a "gunless society" will never work, I say they aren't looking in the right places, or even sincerely interested in the issue of gun violence. In the United States of America, we have two million prisoners, and not one of them is carrying a gun. I know because mine was taken away on the way here. 

Take a stand or our numbers will continue to grow, or even worse, you could become another unremembered victim. Those are the places one might look for an answer on what should be done about gun control.


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