How judges and drug companies stopped Arkansas’s execution spree

Originally published on The Hill

death penalty

This week, the Arkansas Department of Corrections, poised to set the nation's record for the most executions administered over a 10-day period, got caught.

With the supply of the first of the three required drugs in the lethal injection drugs cocktail about to expire, the state hastily lined up eight condemned men to face their sentence. But with the drugs prepped and the execution team at the ready, a judge called it off.

The reason for the stay: Arkansas officials lied to their drug supplier.

Arkansas is a state that has adopted secrecy laws to cover up the drugs it is using, how it obtains them, and the procedures it uses for executions. 

According to Asa Hutchinson, governor of the state, "The reason for this is the source of the drug would dry up because of pressure that mounts from anti-death penalty advocates, boycotts, threats."

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