Happiness for Those in Prison

Happiness for Those in Prison

A guest post written by Joseph Clair for Prison Lives

To the parents of imperfect children.

To the children of imperfect parents.

 We all want our loved ones to be happy. No matter the circumstance. Research has shown that being happy can come from a place above circumstance. Physical conditions do not have to define happiness. Our brains are wired to be happy when what is truly meaningful is present within our thoughts. Being happy is not dependent upon our surroundings. Happiness is a state of bliss inside the mind. When we have meaning and purpose and are focused on what is greater than our surroundings, we can have happiness and peace. The more difficult the situation we find ourselves in, the more evident are the meaningful things that make us truly happy. An inner strength can be built that cannot be taken away by outside forces and will result in a strong invincible happiness.

Happiness is available for those who find themselves imprisoned.

There are many people who are not imprisoned by walls and bars but are imprisoned by other things such as fear, depression, anger, and guilt. The same elements that free us from these mental prisons will free us from walls and bars. Those who seemingly have it easy do not get the benefit of the in depth knowledge that is available to those who have it more difficult. Those who find themselves in very difficult situations gain a reward that is a precious resource they can always rely on throughout their life.

Whether behind physical or mental bars, if a person is experiencing guilt, fear, anger, and depression, then there is no happiness.Our thoughts govern our state of mind. Our brains are made torelease chemicals that give us happiness when our thoughts are based on goodness. No manmade drug is needed to make us happy, our brains manufacture what chemicals we need. The highest high, a wonderful state of bliss, can be attained by simply understanding life and love. There is nothing more powerful than life and love. When our thoughts line up with life itself, then we have what we need to be happy, no matter the circumstance.

The most debilitating state of mind a person can have is guilt. A person with guilt is a person who does not understand love. Love comes from life. Life’s main ingredient, basic characteristic, is love. Life’s love by definition is the giving of life. If a person thinks about the most love they have ever been shown, being given breath, a body, and a mind is the greatest. Life brought us into being not we ourselves. Life is a true gift and being given life is love at its purest. Life made each of us and we are all organic in nature. We are all born weak and ignorant with the opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. We are all the same in our imperfection. There is no human being who is good on their own. All goodness comes from life. No human being made how they are put together and we all are made imperfect. There is no profit in dwelling on our imperfection. To be loved is to be given what is needed. Need is necessary to know love. We all have need because of our imperfection. Love takes care of our need. Imperfection and need are sown into our humanity. It is very important to understand how love works. Love is the ability to make perfect that which is imperfect. No one can make themselves good the same as no one can make themselves. Goodness cannot be earned. Love cannot be earned. Love can only be a gift. Guilt comes from thinking about ourselves, our weakness, mistakes, our imperfection. Love’s ability is bigger than our ability. Love gives us our goodness out of an act of kindness. Love makes us good so we don’t have to be good to be loved. Love is more powerful than our weakness and faults. Nothing can keep us from life’s purpose and love. We may think people are against us but the only thing against us is fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance have no power over love and wisdom. As light has absolute power and authority over darkness, (walk into a dark room and turn on the light and darkness is absolutely gone instantly), so the knowledge of love and wisdom absolutely removes fear and ignorance.

Love is the most powerful energy in existence. No prison can keep love from us. Love is there for us even in the worst situation. Love cares for us and is devoted to us. Love is a comforting and calming presence that is truly satisfying. There is no fear or guilt in love just as there is no fear in light. When we walk into a dark room and turn on the light switch, we see there is nothing to be afraid of. Darkness is only the absence of light. Guilt is the absence of understanding that love makes us good as a gift of compassion and kindness. Pride wants to earn love. Humbleness is seeing the need to be loved and that love is given without merit. When we focus our thoughts on the love shown to us when we were given our existence, then guilt is taken away. Guilt doesn’t exist in the presence of love.

Knowing the true meaning of love enables us to have a solid unmovable foundation on which to build a life. Love means forgiveness, love means compassion, love means understanding we are all imperfect, fragile, and in need of love’s empathy, grace, and mercy. Those of us who find ourselves in the worst situations can know love the most. Light shines brightest in the darkest places. Love is the authority, not our feelings of guilt. The more we need love’s help, the more we experience love’s goodness.

Love is intended for each of us. Love is etched in our very being. Scientists have found the place in the limbic part of the brain where love comes in and goes out. This part of the brain is connected to all other functions of the mind and body. Nothing helps a person function more than love. All human beings are at their best in all facets of life when they experience being loved. Our minds and bodies, being imperfect, will always let us down, will always make mistakes, will always be in need of love. As light takes away darkness so love takes away mistakes and failure. Seeing love’s goodness towards us removes any guilt and fear. A flower doesn’t bloom when it is put in a dark room. A flower blooms when it is given the sunshine it needs. We can always have our thoughts on what is good and meaningful and loving.

Love is what is truly meaningful and what gives each one of us a great purpose. Love forgets no one and love knows our innermost needs. Focusing our thoughts on the brilliance of life and love makes us happy anywhere and anytime. Being thankful and humble brings feelings of joy and peace. Seeing what life is teaching us every day makes us wise and strong. When we see the love that has been given to us by life itself then we have an invincible state of mind. Love is bigger than any situation we find ourselves in. Nothing has power over love. Life’s love is relentless and timeless. Life is constantly creating and giving life and goodness, which is love. Life is above all. Love is above all.

When we humble ourselves to love’s ability to heal and deliver us from any situation, any pain, any walls and bars, we find rest and happiness.We then have hope. Hope is what is guaranteed just not yet realized. We are all guaranteed a wonderful life as we learn and grow stronger in love’s ability to raise us up and out of our prisons.

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