Intellectualized Intimacy That Secures Itself Emotionally in the Mind

Marquis Gilliam

Intellectualized Intimacy That Secures Itself Emotionally in the Mind
Guest Post by Marquis Omar Gilliam

For the last 20 years, prison has, quite unfortunately, been my dwelling place of residence. With that being said, regardless of how much time escapes me, I continue to find women the desired companion of choice.

Due solely to being incarcerated, physical exchange is not present like it used to be. In order to reach those climactic levels with the opposite sex, one must evolve and come to recognize that there are still so many ways to connect.

For me, wisdom is thy woman. I continue to place my mind in the capable hands of her secure embrace. Intimacy is something that begins, and sometimes ends, between the ears. It should never start below the navel once the mind has reached its climactic level of consciousness.

Creating the ideal love should be viewed as artistry. The trust and patience present will be able to intimately touch the body within the mind, almost as delicately as a wing of a butterfly fluttering. The objective is the rebirthing of genuine attraction and its continuous flow through the stream of intellectuality. 

Emotionally attaching oneself to the ideologies, goals, vulnerabilities, fears and aspirations of the potential chosen one is the task at hand. Loving from an innovative acute angle blanketing the entire erogenous part of the mind unselfishly shall and will be present. Profound conversations displaying provacative innuendos leave one garbed mysteriously throughout the exchange, leaving the imagination running wild. Loyalty grows inside the bond as beautifully as an about-to-be-born baby in the womb.

Being able to agree to disagree will always maintain secured respectful intimacy. Appreciation, sophistication, and sustenance in superflous fashion will faithfully ignite yearning for emotional security. The emancipation of the mind disallows this incarnation from immuring one's desire to avidly destroy any livelihood of ignorance and narcissistic selfishness. It allows one to attentively pay homage to even the smallest detail as if from the hands of a masseuse. 

I welcome all replies from challenged minds.

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