Self-Inflicted Solitary Confinement

 Marquis Omar Gilliam

Marquis Omar Gilliam

By Marquis Omar Gilliam, guest writer for Prison Lives

Let the past be the past. You can't change it. 

If you make the mistake of living in guilt today because of something you did yesterday, you won't have the strength you'll need to live this day in victory. Your only limitation is the one you set up in your mind.

Limitations easily become a form of confinement. Isolating ourselves breeds the solitary perspective that can immure us.

I am incarcerated, but part of me recognizes that a lot of you who live outside these walls are as well. Life choices can build prisons within the mind if one isn't meticulous in making healthy choices. 

The goal of any prison is to break down one's resolve. Understanding this ideology took some time on my part. The formula that allowed me to solve this: Embracing the concept of adversity builds us.

Another solution to defeating confinement comes through investing heavily in educating oneself. Through the channel of learning, freedom roams without restriction. It allows the mind true liberty in eluding the hands of confinement. 

One must harbor aspirations of seducing the minds of our youth into excellence, which would emancipate any likelihood of mediocrity. There is a psychological chain that must be broken in order to restore justice in the hearts of problematic individuals.

Albert Einstein once said, "The world can't be changed until we change our thinking." If one would just maintain this key of understanding, confinement could not place roots in the mind. 

Solitary confinement is used to correct negative behavior. But it also has the ability to thwart being social in healthy fashion. Subjecting the mind to isolation over abnormal periods of time often creates an unbalanced emotional individual.

I'm speaking to someone out there. I would ask that you take the proper inventory within the mind to recognize where you may be placing prison confinements within yourself.

Marquis Omar Gilliam is a prisoner at Stanley Correctional Facility in Wisconsin.

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