The criminal justice system is a "laughing stock."

The criminal justice system is a "laughing stock." I didn't say it--the president did.

In response to the terrorist act in Lower Manhattan this Halloween, in which Sayfullo Saipov, 29, reportedly used a rented Home Depot truck to mow down pedestrians and cyclists, President Trump condemned the criminal justice system. He stated that it is not only slow and soft, but also a laughing stock.

To a degree, I agree. Affluent people like Trump, Sessions, and their cronies have been getting away with breaking the law for way too long, while simultaneously screaming for harsher punishments for underprivileged law-breakers. All we've heard from Trump and Sessions since they have been in office is that drug dealers need to spend more time in prison--as if thirty years to life isn't enough. They seem to blame all of America's problems on immigrants, terrorists, and drug dealers. Put away the bad guys! They shout. But now it is coming out that they themselves could very well be the bad guys. At least that what special counsel Robert Mueller thinks.

On October 30, 2017, Mueller unsealed indictments of Trump campaign associates Paul Manfort and Rick Gates. Another member of the campaign, George Papadopoulos (whom Trump touted as being an "excellent guy" during the campaign, but now calls a "liar"), has been cooperating with Mueller. So while Trump and Sessions were blaming America's woes on the bad guys, the real bad guys were right there at the table with them. But now that the heat is on the Trump administration, the White House claims that the bad guys aren't really the bad guys, but "liars" trying to make others out to be the bad guys. With all of the chaos in the White House, I now understand why they want to fill prison bunks with immigrants and drug dealers. So that there isn't any bunks available for them.

The criminal justice system really is a laughing stock. Ha-ha.

Quawntay Adams is a guest writer for Prison Lives. You can find him on

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