"As lawyers, it's our job to help our imprisoned clients to get the best legal defense possible, but because help is so difficult to come by for prisoners, we find that we spend a large chunk of our time finding information for prisoners that has nothing to do with our case. This book [Prison Lives Almanac] is the perfect solution, putting power back in the prisoner's hands." Oregon Public Defender 

If your law practice is like many legal offices we've spoken with, prisoner-clients frequently address questions to you that have very little to do with their cases. As you know, prisoners awaiting trial or fighting through appeals are often in their most dire need, but with the least amount of outside support.

Taking time to answer every prisoner's request for even easy o locate information costs valuable time and distraction from your caseload. Not taking the time to assist prisoners with their unrelated-to-case needs can cause friction in the often already tenuous relationships between attorneys and imprisoned clients.

Our publications provide a valuable answer to that dilemma by addressing the questions prisoners pose, letting them self-sufficiently find the answers they want, discover a wealth of resources they never knew were available to them, while helping build the vital relationship between attorney and client with a unique and productive approach. 

Whether your clients are seeking assistance with prisoner advocacy, education behind bars, religious resources, prisoner services, research, or just comprehensive guides that fill their lives with entertainment, our Almanacs and prisoner assistance services provide what prisoners want.

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Simply browse our products and packages to determine what would best fulfill your client's needs. We will gladly ship directly to your client. If you have several clients who will benefit from our publications, we can provide you with bulk discount options -- with steep discounts on large orders sent to your office for personal distribution to your clients.

We appreciate what you do for prisoners and hope to help enhance life for those inside as well as positive client relationships.

Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All your donations are tax-deductible.  

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