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Prisoners across the nation wish to do something positive from their incarcerated setting. Some hope to do so for reasons of redemption, others to make the best use of their time in prison, and still others because they are simply good people who once got into a little trouble but who continue to be good people. 

We receive letters regularly from prisoners who express this wish in heart-pouring detail. They reach out to us because our products and services are designed to bring the outside world of information and resources inside to assist prisoners like them to be as productive as they can be from their setting. Our products assist prisoners with finding an education behind bars, advocacy for causes they believe in, legal assistance, successful reentry, and a wide variety of prisoner resources and prisoner assistance services to help prisoners with virtually any positive endeavor. We provide prisoner with a comprehensive bridge to the outside world to help them make the most fulfilling use of their time. It is the reason Prison Lives was formed.

What is common with many of the prisoners who write, besides their well-intentioned ambitions, is that they have no means by which to purchase our Almanacs or services. They write us with the hope that we can see it in our hearts to provide them for free. Sadly, due the volume of these requests, we simply cannot accommodate everyone. Therefore, in an effort to help these positive-minded prisoners, we offer an Adopt-a-Prisoner program.

If you are one who believes a prisoner can succeed in positive endeavors despite their incarcerated circumstances, and would like to assist in these efforts, you can personally have a profound impact through our Adopt-a-Prisoner program. You can become a prisoner sponsor. 

Prison Lives is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. All your donations are tax-deductible.  

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